Saturday, May 20, 2023

BranNuYu 2023 Christian Country Rap Song Plus Christian Emo Alternative

This year in 2023 my newest singles are Just What I Do and Dance Without Shame. 

Just What I Do is like me singing and rapping country style on a unique style rap beat.


Dance Without Shame is like a Christian Punk, Rock, Emo, Alternative, Sorta Screamo, EDM song. I'm not too sure which genre Dance Without Shame would fall under so I just listed all the genres that came to my mind.

Dance Without Shame reminds me of the homie CJ Sheron, a guy that I discovered in 2020 on Tik Tok that was doing Christian Alternative Emo Rap. He basically looked like Lil Peep, Aaron Carter, or Jeffree Star. And he sounds like Ghostmane or Suicide Boys (I honestly don't listen to them. I wouldn't recommend them either because their content is demonically inspired). CJ Sheron was known for being from a TV Show called Wife Swap. His TikTok videos were mostly comedy skits usually having to do with Jesus, reading parts of the Bible, plus he was always showing his new songs. And he would do some livestreams. After awhile CJ Sheron, abandoned TikTok and got married and started to live more of a private life.