Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Christian Rap In 2022

 It’s been awhile since I posted a blog so I figured I would write a new one since I’m currently sitting in a company truck with not much to do, than to wait. 

So the title of this blog is Christian Rap in 2022. It’s a fresh new year, and CHH is in a different place. Every year there’s new things on the table, one thing or another changes. The 2020 Pandemic brought good and bad with it, amidst staying home earlier on into all of it, apps like Zoom gained notoriety, and now Christian Rappers are using the app to meet and do interviews!

This year I still haven’t got any new interviews with artists yet, but I have found new jams that I like and want other people to know about!

There was a night where I went to 2 different Christian Rap concerts in South Houston. A DJ Coolaid Benefit Concert and another one at Fellowship Houston for a Pre Superbowl Party with D-Boi405. Some of the artists I seen at the first one also showed up at the other one as well. I saw Tre9 and LitaRodi at both. Sypreme said he was going but I may have missed him at the 2nd one. At the DJ Coolaid Benefit I saw World Rejects perform, 

Sunday, September 26, 2021

NGEN Radio Is Going Full Digital

I recently found out from Marcus In The Morning that NGEN Radio is going fully digital soon and will no longer be using FM signal. My first reaction was disappointment, because that means people won't stumble onto the radio station in their car anymore from 91.7FM. Initially NGEN started digital as an app and a streaming player on their website. Then after a couple years ago they kicked off with a Power The Tower event in Houston Texas at the Revention Music Center and artists like Gawvi and Manafest performed there! If I remember right, I believe Christian Rapper Von Won was there as well as maybe Chris Chicago (Two former Radio Station Personalities/On-Air DJs). 

    The station launched on 91.7FM and has been hugely successful in growing up a fanbase and drawing new people to the world of Positive Pop and Hip Hop and Christian Rap! I heard several testimonies of people stumbling onto the station and how God used the music to influence/impact their life! Some people who were gonna commit suicide changed their minds! While no longer having 91.7FM is kind of sad/disappointing, I know it costs alot of money to keep a signal on the air. I think millions. So I understand it's a budgeting thing, and probably more beneficial/strategic to move over to digital. The FM signal has had a great run. And now with the already existing fanbase, NGEN can grow more from the new digital/social media market effort. More money saved, means more money that can be invested. So if NGEN had only 10 percent in their budget before for making merch to sell at events, now they might have a higher percentage, depending on how they break up their costs and expenses (budget) into a pie chart with different slices to cover the different things they manage. So my hope is that if they are saving millions of dollars that would've been the cost of an FM signal, and then using the saved money to go to other projects now!  

Check out these links to learn more about NGEN going digital:



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Check out this NGEN Radio Interview with Lecrae

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New BranNuYu Merch! BranNuYu Playing Melodica TShirt

I just released a new T-Shirt design! This one is me playing a melodica and wearing a sombrero! Shout out to Johnny aka AdventureGamingVital! I got the picture of myself from his YouTube thumbnail of a collab video we did together. I'll throw in a link here that you can check out of that video. https://youtu.be/HrTKhAMwG8U

Thursday, December 19, 2019

My First Beats Ever

Below are all beats I made fresh during and after High School when I first started to learn to make beats with FL Studio Demo. I basically wanted to make Rock, Rap, and Techno. I couldn't save my projects, so I would just work on them until I thought I liked them. Then I would export them to mp3, and couldn't go back to change them after that. More of my story about how I started music: At the time when I first made beats, I had different nick names. As a gamer I called myself Bac Stab. Then on Myspace I called myself Mad Ghetto. On YouTube I was Rudo197 (I since have changed that channel to BranMan197 and plan to use that for games), another game name I made up when I played the Wii and made some character I thought looked goth. I was kind of into the goth/emo/punk hair styles.

Plus I was listening to worldly music too during my junior year, but started listening to Christian music during my senior year, I was saved but stumbling with peer pressure in my walk with God. I remember my friend John Lauland and I both like Gangster Rap and Death Metal, but both of us transitioned to just positive/Jesus Music. I wanted to make games and animations.

But since I could make beats, I thought I'd also give rapping/singing a shot. After graduation I started making short Christian Animations and using my own voices for the characters, plus using my own instrumentals/beats in the background of the animations. I made Hood Changed, Ryan Debarro Crossed Over, The Rich Unfulfillment, and Arbiter Teen over the years to follow and uploaded those to my YouTube channel TruthTrigger.

 The years 2009-2011 I went to Texas Bible Institute and mostly got deeper into Christian Rap and Hip Hop because I met other people who could rap and got to collab with some of them and we recorded music in our dorm rooms. Plus I networked with Christian Rappers on Myspace and then Facebook. And at the time I started rapping I debated between NuYu, Lil NuYu, or DJ NuYu, or NuLife, or Nu In Christ. I went with Lil NuYu since the Lil thing was popular. But eventually I came up with Bran NuYu, and then I fit it together as BranNuYu. And I have kept that since it's the "Brand New You" and also goes with Brandyn, my name. The Bran Man! That's my music, art, and animation story summed up. There's more to it, and how I was inspired to get into all that. But that's probably for a book!

John Lauland (The one I mentioned) makes his own videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoyFde-Hq58TwqjP46UKMjg

Monday, December 16, 2019

Check out my homie Rea Beloved's Rap songs! I compiled them together and put them in a YouTube video. Check out his YouTube channel at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMchMc6CDG9HcA3dHnxnzZg

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BranNuYu Overcome Song

Recently I released a new song called Overcome. It's a free song because I used a royalty free beat I found on YouTube. I made the song just for fun & to minister to people. Plus to kind of demo/show my different voices I can use in music, animation, and more. Plus to promote my Podcast where I talk about Christian Rap and interview Rappers and ask them questions about their music, testimony, and life stories.
The link to the song is https://youtu.be/w380UnoiHEE

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Brand New T-Shirt Design To Promote Hot Rap Mix Website

It's been awhile since I designed a new T-Shirt design, so I messed around with the free Gimp software (a Photoshop alternative) to make this!

Hot Rap Mix Website Promo TShirt
Hot Rap Mix Website Promo TShirt
by HotRapMixStore