Friday, February 26, 2021

Yoda's Wife Yaddle With Makeup

 I was searching the web to learn about Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian, and learned that he's the child/offspring of Yoda, and Yaddle. I didn't know about Yaddle before, so I looked her up on Google Images. Well, she looked no better in appearance than Yoda, she just had hair. So I decided to make her "sexy" and give her make up in the free graphic design software called Gimp. 

Yaddle Before Make Up

Yaddle After Make Up 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

New BranNuYu Merch! BranNuYu Playing Melodica TShirt

I just released a new T-Shirt design! This one is me playing a melodica and wearing a sombrero! Shout out to Johnny aka AdventureGamingVital! I got the picture of myself from his YouTube thumbnail of a collab video we did together. I'll throw in a link here that you can check out of that video.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

New Song! Puppy Puppy Puppy!

I have a new song! It's called Puppy Puppy Puppy! Weird? Funny? Idk, I don't care what people think. Just being me, and having fun here! I love my dog, and feel like entertaining people and making people laugh! So here you go! A song about my doggy! Shadow! My sister's dog, adopted and owned by my mom now. But he and the other animals my mom owns I consider my own pets! Animals I love and care about! I released the song to multiple places with DistroKid but you can get the song here at BandCamp too! With BandCamp, it's a permanent release (I can make the DistroKid songs permanent by paying  the small fee for membership yearly or by paying the one time $29 fee to "leave a legacy" and never have to pay the yearly fee again for that individual song. I want to do that eventually for all my songs, the best ones at least. But for now, I'm not in the place where I can afford it. But with support from fans/friends, maybe I can. With BandCamp you can pay any amount you want with PayPal $1 or more to download the song. Buying the songs elsewhere, I get most of the money, but the distributor DistroKid also gets a cut. 

Friday, January 17, 2020

I Been Tik Tokkin

Recently I got on Tik Tok and started posting videos, and apparently it's at a really good time to be on Tik Tok according to Entrepreneur Gary Vee. I was on it's predecessor But I only posted afew things back then and fell off. I was more focused on Instagram and Facebook plus livestreaming apps like Periscope and YouNow. There's alot of creative things you can do with Tik Tok. You can lip sync or dance to clips of your favorite songs. You can be creative and come up with your own sounds too. And other people can use your original sound in their own videos. You can duet/collab with videos as well. I think the trick is one Tik Tokker role plays or lip syncs on one characters voice while the other Tik Tokker role plays or lip syncs the other voice present in the same sound or audio clip. Then the combined duet looks like a seamless conversation between two characters acting out the voice in the sound clip. React is similar but it's more like facial expressions and typed words displayed in video as a response to someone else's video.

If you want to follow me on Tik Tok look up my username brannuyu. Or click the following link.

My Tik Tok content is mostly dancing/lip syncing to my favorite Christian Rap and Hip Hop or Christian Music in general. Plus I create some of my own unique content such as voice overs to my homies collection. And short uploaded video clips from my phone or iPad. Plus I promote some of my own BranNuYu music. And I plan on doing animation shorts. Plus experiment with other things. So stay tuned!

Thursday, December 19, 2019

My First Beats Ever

Below are all beats I made fresh during and after High School when I first started to learn to make beats with FL Studio Demo. I basically wanted to make Rock, Rap, and Techno. I couldn't save my projects, so I would just work on them until I thought I liked them. Then I would export them to mp3, and couldn't go back to change them after that. More of my story about how I started music: At the time when I first made beats, I had different nick names. As a gamer I called myself Bac Stab. Then on Myspace I called myself Mad Ghetto. On YouTube I was Rudo197 (I since have changed that channel to BranMan197 and plan to use that for games), another game name I made up when I played the Wii and made some character I thought looked goth. I was kind of into the goth/emo/punk hair styles.

Plus I was listening to worldly music too during my junior year, but started listening to Christian music during my senior year, I was saved but stumbling with peer pressure in my walk with God. I remember my friend John Lauland and I both like Gangster Rap and Death Metal, but both of us transitioned to just positive/Jesus Music. I wanted to make games and animations.

But since I could make beats, I thought I'd also give rapping/singing a shot. After graduation I started making short Christian Animations and using my own voices for the characters, plus using my own instrumentals/beats in the background of the animations. I made Hood Changed, Ryan Debarro Crossed Over, The Rich Unfulfillment, and Arbiter Teen over the years to follow and uploaded those to my YouTube channel TruthTrigger.

 The years 2009-2011 I went to Texas Bible Institute and mostly got deeper into Christian Rap and Hip Hop because I met other people who could rap and got to collab with some of them and we recorded music in our dorm rooms. Plus I networked with Christian Rappers on Myspace and then Facebook. And at the time I started rapping I debated between NuYu, Lil NuYu, or DJ NuYu, or NuLife, or Nu In Christ. I went with Lil NuYu since the Lil thing was popular. But eventually I came up with Bran NuYu, and then I fit it together as BranNuYu. And I have kept that since it's the "Brand New You" and also goes with Brandyn, my name. The Bran Man! That's my music, art, and animation story summed up. There's more to it, and how I was inspired to get into all that. But that's probably for a book!

John Lauland (The one I mentioned) makes his own videos:

Monday, December 16, 2019

Check out my homie Rea Beloved's Rap songs! I compiled them together and put them in a YouTube video. Check out his YouTube channel at the following link:

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

BranNuYu Do This Everyday Ft Joe Angel Music

This is a song me and my friend Joe Angel Music worked on together while I still lived at my grandma's house. Enjoy! And be encouraged!