Sunday, September 26, 2021

NGEN Radio Is Going Full Digital

I recently found out from Marcus In The Morning that NGEN Radio is going fully digital soon and will no longer be using FM signal. My first reaction was disappointment, because that means people won't stumble onto the radio station in their car anymore from 91.7FM. Initially NGEN started digital as an app and a streaming player on their website. Then after a couple years ago they kicked off with a Power The Tower event in Houston Texas at the Revention Music Center and artists like Gawvi and Manafest performed there! If I remember right, I believe Christian Rapper Von Won was there as well as maybe Chris Chicago (Two former Radio Station Personalities/On-Air DJs). 

    The station launched on 91.7FM and has been hugely successful in growing up a fanbase and drawing new people to the world of Positive Pop and Hip Hop and Christian Rap! I heard several testimonies of people stumbling onto the station and how God used the music to influence/impact their life! Some people who were gonna commit suicide changed their minds! While no longer having 91.7FM is kind of sad/disappointing, I know it costs alot of money to keep a signal on the air. I think millions. So I understand it's a budgeting thing, and probably more beneficial/strategic to move over to digital. The FM signal has had a great run. And now with the already existing fanbase, NGEN can grow more from the new digital/social media market effort. More money saved, means more money that can be invested. So if NGEN had only 10 percent in their budget before for making merch to sell at events, now they might have a higher percentage, depending on how they break up their costs and expenses (budget) into a pie chart with different slices to cover the different things they manage. So my hope is that if they are saving millions of dollars that would've been the cost of an FM signal, and then using the saved money to go to other projects now!  

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