Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Christian Rap In 2022

 It’s been awhile since I posted a blog so I figured I would write a new one since I’m currently sitting in a company truck with not much to do, than to wait. 

So the title of this blog is Christian Rap in 2022. It’s a fresh new year, and CHH is in a different place. Every year there’s new things on the table, one thing or another changes. The 2020 Pandemic brought good and bad with it, amidst staying home earlier on into all of it, apps like Zoom gained notoriety, and now Christian Rappers are using the app to meet and do interviews!

This year I still haven’t got any new interviews with artists yet, but I have found new jams that I like and want other people to know about!

There was a night where I went to 2 different Christian Rap concerts in South Houston. A DJ Coolaid Benefit Concert and another one at Fellowship Houston for a Pre Superbowl Party with D-Boi405. Some of the artists I seen at the first one also showed up at the other one as well. I saw Tre9 and LitaRodi at both. Sypreme said he was going but I may have missed him at the 2nd one. At the DJ Coolaid Benefit I saw World Rejects perform,