Saturday, February 8, 2020

New Song! Puppy Puppy Puppy!

I have a new song! It's called Puppy Puppy Puppy! Weird? Funny? Idk, I don't care what people think. Just being me, and having fun here! I love my dog, and feel like entertaining people and making people laugh! So here you go! A song about my doggy! Shadow! My sister's dog, adopted and owned by my mom now. But he and the other animals my mom owns I consider my own pets! Animals I love and care about! I released the song to multiple places with DistroKid but you can get the song here at BandCamp too! With BandCamp, it's a permanent release (I can make the DistroKid songs permanent by paying  the small fee for membership yearly or by paying the one time $29 fee to "leave a legacy" and never have to pay the yearly fee again for that individual song. I want to do that eventually for all my songs, the best ones at least. But for now, I'm not in the place where I can afford it. But with support from fans/friends, maybe I can. With BandCamp you can pay any amount you want with PayPal $1 or more to download the song. Buying the songs elsewhere, I get most of the money, but the distributor DistroKid also gets a cut.