Sunday, November 17, 2019

Check Out My Homie Joe Angel Music

For several years I've known Joe Angel Music as a friend, who I met in church. We both has similar interests in Christian Rap music. We both liked Lecrae, ABF (Alliance By Faith), Sypreme (From ABF), and LitaRodi. Among some other Christian Rappers as well. We linked up to try and do music together. We did do some stuff together but mostly I was helping Joe work on his mixtapes. Mostly we would hang out. Just a confession, he is a little more focused when it comes to Studio Time for recording and writing songs plus making beats. I tend to start stuff and not finish it. I have moments where it's easy to work by myself and finish a song. But alot of times I find that I'm busy doing other things such as Blogs, Vlogs, making videos, taking pictures, watching movies, re-arranging stuff in my room, listening to podcasts, ect. I've provided YouYube links in the comments on the following Embedded Facebook Post, so that you can check out some of my favorite songs by Joe Angel Music.


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