Thursday, November 21, 2019

BranNuYu Crazy Dancing Jesus Freak

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Check Out My Homie Joe Angel Music

For several years I've known Joe Angel Music as a friend, who I met in church. We both has similar interests in Christian Rap music. We both liked Lecrae, ABF (Alliance By Faith), Sypreme (From ABF), and LitaRodi. Among some other Christian Rappers as well. We linked up to try and do music together. We did do some stuff together but mostly I was helping Joe work on his mixtapes. Mostly we would hang out. Just a confession, he is a little more focused when it comes to Studio Time for recording and writing songs plus making beats. I tend to start stuff and not finish it. I have moments where it's easy to work by myself and finish a song. But alot of times I find that I'm busy doing other things such as Blogs, Vlogs, making videos, taking pictures, watching movies, re-arranging stuff in my room, listening to podcasts, ect. I've provided YouYube links in the comments on the following Embedded Facebook Post, so that you can check out some of my favorite songs by Joe Angel Music.


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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BranNuYu Overcome Song

Recently I released a new song called Overcome. It's a free song because I used a royalty free beat I found on YouTube. I made the song just for fun & to minister to people. Plus to kind of demo/show my different voices I can use in music, animation, and more. Plus to promote my Podcast where I talk about Christian Rap and interview Rappers and ask them questions about their music, testimony, and life stories.
The link to the song is

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bad Guy Wants The Money Animation

I've finally made a new animation after awhile of not making any with Moho Studio on my computer. I've made a few short animations on my iPad and iPhone with an app called Flip A Clip. I decided to make a short to demonstrate/showcase my voice acting/animation skills. Sort of like an online Portfolio piece of work. Maybe fellow animators/creative people will hire me to do voices. Or someone might want me to do some animation work. Right now I can only do small animation shorts if anyone is wanting me to work on anything. It would take a pretty large amount of money to get me to work on something bigger because I value my time and I also need to pay bills. But if anyone wants a short 30-60 second animation for like a promotional ad, or trailer or something, then I'm up for that. I won't work for free, so I'll probably ask for a security deposit or something to my PayPal when I begin the work, or require payment to release video without watermarks. I know this animation is kind of sloppy. It's been a little while, and I used MS Paint, & my mouse to draw. In the future I'll probably hand draw pictures and take a picture with my camera on my phone and import them. Or use my iPad to sketch/draw stuff and email the pictures to myself to download to my computer, and then import into Gimp or Photoshop. Then bring the PNG image files into Moho Studio to work on the animations. I use a variety of different software. And I like to experiment with different methods of animation. I'd like to look into more traditional ways of animating with physical things and blending it with digital animation. I would also like to mess around with Blender more and try rotoscoping. The newest release of Blender, there's a new and improved feature called Grease Pencil, which can be used to create 2D animation in a 3D environment. You could literally do 2D and 3D at the same time just like the Chariot scene in The Prince Of Egypt. To this day I believe it was that movie that inspired me to be an animator. Because when I was in Jr High School, I read books about animation in the school library after I had watched Behind The Scenes bonus features on the DVD, and I was amazed at the technology that was being used to make an animated movie about Moses! I had also been influenced/inspired to get into Game Design/Development when I watched the Making Of Kings Quest 6. It was like Animation being married to Games. That was the old school Point And Click Adventure Games genre. You as a player could make choices that would determine the stories that would play out in the form of animation sequences as you played the game. So thanks Brenda Chapman (Director Of The Prince Of Egypt) and Roberta Williams (Maker Of Kings Quest Series)! I also was inspired by Christopher Ushko ( and his animations and fan games of Monkey Island series by Ron Gilbert and Tim Shafer. His Flash Animations helped me to believe I could make my own animations from home.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Brand New T-Shirt Design To Promote Hot Rap Mix Website

It's been awhile since I designed a new T-Shirt design, so I messed around with the free Gimp software (a Photoshop alternative) to make this!

Hot Rap Mix Website Promo TShirt
Hot Rap Mix Website Promo TShirt
by HotRapMixStore