Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Christmas Is Almost Here!

It's that time of year! Yay! Christmas Time! Or almost! But I can already feel it in the air! It's getting cooler! Right now it's late October, meaning Halloween Night is coming, or for us Christians: Reformation Day! 

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I'm already thinking of the food that's gonna be served on Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'm excited!
There are usually some tunes I like to crank out for the fall & winter seasons. One song I like to jam is MC Jin Chinese New Year. That song has a beat that reminds me of Christmas, & I used to jam it on the cold, rainy days when I was a Cart Pusher at Walmart afew years ago. I would also for some reason smell Joe's BBQ and a bunch of other nearby restaurants food cooking. And I would think of the Oil Rig located in Georgian waters in the Caspian Sea in the game Splinter Cell. Kind of weird combination of thoughts? Yeah, but it's nostalgic. I also think of hot coco, and usually feel in the mood to make some new music!

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